Cultivate a Mindful Life with Your Daughter

8 weekly classes to connect & grow with your child

Is you daughter struggling with…

  • Increased emotional intensity, overwhelm, or confused about emotions?
  • Depression, negative feelings, or isolation?
  • Peer pressure, harder schoolwork and more complicated relationships?
  • Social anxiety, overthinking, feeling left out or nervous to reach out to others?
  • Comparing herself to others on social media, being overly self-critical or lacking confidence?
  • Not knowing how to express herself or ask for what she needs?

This course is for you if:

  • You would like to learn ways to help your daughter/child regulate strong emotions or emotional reactions.
  • You are worried about the amount of screen time your daughter is absorbing.
  • You want her to feel self-confident and happy, but you aren’t sure how to help her get there.
  • You are so busy that there isn’t a lot of time for connection, and when you are together you both often end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

In this course, you and your daughter will learn to…

  • Use techniques to identify where emotions are felt in our bodies, thus giving us time to slow down our emotions so that we can think through responses before reacting.
  • Feel balanced and at peace with yourselves and each other.
  • Know that you each have the tools to handle any challenge that you face on your own, but that you are stronger together.
  • Find a place of closeness and connection that you haven’t felt in a while with the intentional time that you enjoy spending together regularly.

Course Details:

  • For *girls ages 9-15 and a trusted adult (*Nonbinary individuals are also welcome. If you have any concerns with the gender identity of your child and whether they’d fit in, please reach out to discuss).
  • 8 weekly virtual classes on Tuesdays from 6-7pm starting April 2, 2024
  • Led by Sarah Saffold, MSW, LCSW and Liz Catarinicchia, therapists at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT
  • Course content includes mindfulness practices to build awareness, emotional regulation, and self-compassion, communication skills that will be practiced between the two of you and will be applicable in all relationships, and other techniques to help you and your daughter thrive.
  • Classes will be taught live via GoToMeetings (similar to Zoom) and will be highly participatory, but if you have to miss a class you can ask to have it recorded to watch later.
  • Each week there will be brief mindfulness practices to complete in between the sessions, as well as topics for discussion between you and your daughter/child.
  • The cost for each hour-long class is $40 for both you and your daughter/child.
  • Space is limited to just 8 pairs, so register now to secure your spot.


In this video, Sarah Saffold, course facilitator, answers a question about a young teen having negative thinking, a topic that will be covered in this course.

Improve the relationship with your daughter/child

$40.00 per class

Led By

Sarah Saffold, MSW, LCSW, and Liz Catarinicchia, therapists at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT.

Virtual Meetings via Go To Meeting (instructions will be delivered by email)
8 weekly virtual classes on Tuesdays from 6-7pm starting April 2, 2024 (all 8 must be paid for when committing to the course)