Introduction to Mindfulness

A 6-Week Online Course for Adults and Mature Teens


Life presents all of us with challenges at home, school and work that can negatively impact our ability to live our lives in a fashion consistent with our hopes and values.

Have you ever found:

  • You are lost in thought recalling, and worrying about a difficult interaction with a loved one, or co-worker?
  • You are unable to get your work done or be fully present at dinner with your family or friends because you are distracted by an upcoming event that worries you?
  • You are frustrated with yourself for reacting strongly to a stressful situation before truly thinking it over?


Mindfulness practice is a gentle and forgiving method of training ourselves to be truly present for those whom we love and with whom we work, even in the face of challenge.

This course is for you if you are interested in experiencing the benefits of mindfulness such as:

  • increased mental clarity
  • improved decision-making
  • increased energy level
  • stress reduction


In this course you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • mindfulness principles such as non-judgement, patience and acceptance
  • the foundations on which mindfulness practice is built
  • several different methods of practicing mindfulness
  • tools and resources for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life


Course Details:

  • It is strongly recommended that you attend class live as it is highly experiential and participatory; however, if you cannot make it to a class it will be recorded for you to watch later.
  • Handouts, articles, and audio files of guided meditations will be included.
  • $35 per class paid in two monthly payments.
  • 20% discount to the first 4 who register using Coupon Code 20PERCENT.
  • Financial aid is also available based on need. Email practice owner, Dr. Laura Chackes, at to apply for financial aid.
Group enjoying a picnic
Learn to calm your mind and reduce distraction

$35 per class

Course meets virtually on Go To Meetings (similar to Zoom). Instructions will be send out prior to the first class.
Six Weekly Classes on Wednesdays from 6-7pm starting September 14

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