KORU: A Mindfulness Class for Emerging Adults (Ages 19-29)

Koru Mindfulness is a four-session mindfulness course specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging adults.

“Since completing Koru, I have achieved more positive results in my academics, personal, and professional life and improved my overall wellbeing and balance.”

– Arizona State University, Koru student

“Mindfulness has given me a tool kit to manage my stress.”
– Katherine Zhang, English & Economics Major, Koru student

College-aged adults often have high rates of stress. Mindfulness has been proven to help. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to your present- moment experience with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. Our minds tend to gallop toward the future or do a U-turn toward the past, often with regrets or judgements. Meditation is an intentional way of learning to be mindful, practicing the skills, and building the mindfulness muscle. In Koru we say the practice is “going to the mindfulness gym”.

Mindfulness can help

Studies show that mindfulness can address this stress by cultivating confidence, compassion, resilience, and wisdom. A randomized controlled trial* shows that after Koru training students feel more calm and well rested, and have greater mindfulness and self-compassion.

Koru Mindfulness is the only evidence-based mindfulness curriculum designed for college-aged adults (18 to 30 years old). It is the leading mindfulness program for higher education taught at nearly 300 institutions worldwide. In four weeks, you will learn practical skills that help manage stress and improve your sense of wellbeing. Join the growing Koru community of 1,000+ students at over 200 institutions.

The data behind mindfulness training for students in higher education:
  • Students with higher levels of mindfulness were better able to maintain confidence
  • Mindfulness reduces the negative outcomes of stereotype threat
  • Mindfulness improves working memory capacity and GRE performance

Class Structure
Four classes • 75-minutes • Small groups • Highly structured format
Experiential learning • Practical skills taught • Daily homework • Teacher support
Weekly assigned reading to support your learning • Koru App for practice and communication



Students must also purchase the book The Mindful Twenty-Something by Holly Rodgers, MD. Available on kindle for $11.49 or in paperback for $14.69 on Amazon. Used copies can be purchased on eBay for $9.51. Reading assignments will be given throughout the course.  The app is included in the cost of the course and information on how to download the app will be given after course registration.

*Greeson JM et al, Journal of American College Health, 2014


Led By

Katie Bucklen is a retired pediatrician who has been teaching group and individual mindfulness courses since 2020 at the Center for Mindfulness and CBT. She has been a practitioner and student of mindfulness and meditation since 2017. She is also a confirmed mindfulness geek who enjoys everything about mindfulness – from the neurologic basis of its benefits to the ancient teachings that inform the practice

Virtual via Zoom
Thursday evenings at 7-8:15pm from Apr 20, 2023 to May 11, 2023

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