Mindfulness Workshop for Athletes

3-hour mental training for athletes ages 14-20

With up to 90% of the game being mental, and no instruction given on mental training, most athletes are not performing at their peak.


This program is for your athlete if:

  • They struggle with athletic performance
  • They experience anxiety, nervousness, or worry before or during athletic events
  • They would like to gain confidence, enjoy their sport more, and play at their peak


In this workshop your athlete will learn to:

  • Manage their anxiety related to their athletic performance with concrete strategies to use before and during games/events
  • Get in the zone so that they perform at their peak
  • Increase focus, attention, and awareness while playing their sport
  • Improve confidence and enjoy playing their sport more


Workshop Details:

  • For athletes ages 14-20
  • Tuesday, June 14th, 1-4 PM
  • Workshop will be interactive, relaxing, and fun, including formal and informal mindfulness practices, some of which will be specific to your athlete’s sport. Each athlete will leave with a plan for how to practice mindfulness on their own to improve their performance in their sport(s).
  • Held at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT, 10845 Olive Blvd. Ste. 150, Creve Coeur, MO, 63141 (both indoors and outdoors weather permitting)
  • Each athlete should bring a piece of sports equipment related to the sport they most want to improve in (i.e. soccer ball, tennis racket, baseball glove, etc), and dress like they do for practice.
  • Cost is $75 per athlete. A 20% discount will be given for siblings or athletes registering together.
  • Workshop material developed by Laura Chackes, Psy.D., psychologist and owner of The Center for Mindfulness & CBT, and a trained Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE) instructor and Elizabeth Ernest, LMSW, PLMFT, a therapist at the Center and former college athlete.
  • Course led by Elizabeth Ernest and interns at the Center, one of whom is a current college field hockey player.
  • For more information or any questions, contact Elizabeth at Elizabeth@mindfulstl.com or (812) 454-6913.
athletes preparing to compete.
Love your sport again.

$75 per athlete (20% discount for two or more athletes registering together)

Led By

Elizabeth Ernest, LMSW, PLMFT, a therapist at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT and a former college tennis player.

10845 Olive Blvd., Ste. 150, Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Tuesday, June 14th, 1-4 pm

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