Compassionate Coping Art Therapy Camp

An art therapy day camp that offers a unique opportunity for female and non-binary tween/teens to build connections with peers, develop self-compassion and coping skills, and learn more about themselves through the transformative experience of art therapy

Are you a teen or tween struggling with…

  • self-esteem issues, anxiety surrounding peer issues and social situations, perfectionistic tendencies?
  • being overly self-critical and lacking confidence in yourself?
  • comparing yourself to others and feeling like you are not good enough?
  • being too hard on yourself and having unrealistic expectations?
  • feeling alone in your struggles and finding it difficult to connect with others?


In this 5 day art therapy camp, you will…

  • explore different forms of art therapy, such as painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture, to help process emotions and express yourself
  • participate in fun and engaging activities, such as mindful meditations, self-compassion exercises, and outdoor games
  • gain support and connection from others who are going through similar struggles
  • develop a kinder and more compassionate relationship with yourself 

This group utilizes Art Therapy, CBT, mindfulness to help each member learn coping skills for deepening a sense of compassion and connection to others.

Dates (2 options):

Option 1:

M-F, June 19-23

ages 12-14

Option 2:

M-F, June 26-30

ages 15-17 high school

Option 3:

M-F, July 10-14

ages 12-14



Schedule for each day:

  • 15-minute ice-breaker activity
  • 45-minute art activity
  • 30-minute mindfulness practice
  • 30-minute outside activity
  • 30-minute lunch/social time

Cost: $375/person for the full week

20% discount for additional siblings or referrals, email for more information.

When: June 19-23 OR July 10-14 for ages 12-14 OR June 26-30 for ages 15-17, 9:30-12
Where: In-person at The Center for Mindfulness and CBT in Creve Coeur
Cost: $375/person for the full week
Led by: Christine Elder, PLPC

Christine Elder is an Art Therapist and Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC) at The Center for Mindfulness and CBT. She provides services for children and teens with anxiety, trauma, self-esteem issues and stress-related disorders. For more information on art therapy, please check out this blog: