Social Skills Play Group for Kids Ages 4-14

This group will focus on helping children practice social skills in real life situations through play and hands-on activities.

Will my child ever make friends?

Does your child struggle to attend birthday parties or have friends over? Does she ask inappropriate questions, or freeze up in social situations? Did you know that social skills are learnable, they simple take practice?

Your child can learn to have social skills; they just need a safe space to practice!

Through playing in small groups, your child will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Initiating social interaction
  • Collaboration and problem solving
  • Flexibility and turn taking
  • Eye contact and other non-verbal & verbal

This group will utilize play therapy techniques and behavioral therapy techniques to help children practice social skills through play. Toys utilized will be Legos, games, crafts, building blocks, fidgets, and other toys leaders see as fit.

Play groups will be split into two age groups: 4-9 & 10-14

For more information or to schedule a consultation call, please contact Elizabeth Ernest, LMSW, PLMFT at or (812) 454-6913.

Kids playing with LEGOs
When: Friday, October 7 4-5:30, Friday, November 4 4-5:30 (We will host a group on one Friday evening a month from 4-5:30PM)
Where: The Center for Mindfulness & CBT, 10845 Olive Blvd, Ste. 150 Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Cost: $80 per 1.5 hour session
Led by: Elizabeth Ernest, LMSW, PMFT and Sydnee Maberry, LMSW

Elizabeth Ernest is a Licensed Masters Social Work (LMSW) and a Provisionally Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (PLMFT) at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT. She provides services for children of all ages with anxiety, trauma, and stress related disorders.

Sydnee Maberry is a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT. She works with adolescents and young adults, treating an array of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma related disorders, OCD, and BFRBs. 

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