Groundhog’s Day? Hogwash!

By Andy Conrad, MA, PLPC, NCC

Man listening to boom box

Lately, the image of Punxsutawney Phil has been invoked in many conversations. It is an expression of our frustration and suffering. The world appears to be replaying a cruel joke on all of us, as we wake each morning to greet the challenging faces of isolation, marginalization, loss, and financial strain.

There is the perception that everything in life has been cancelled. Well, it is not! This is our opportunity to tune into the other signals radiating out there. We deserve to take a moment to invite in the other sides of the world that still exist– those little slivers that give us peace, passion, contentment, space, promise, and meaning. Practicing the art of inviting in those slivers of light will allow us all to see that music still soars, conversations still educate, love still grows, and hope still lives. 

Try out the handy GLAD Technique, developed by Donald Altman, MA, LPC. Simply write down something that brought you a sense of Gratitude today, one thing you Learned today, one thing you Accomplished today, and one thing you Delighted in today. Repeat each day. Eventually, it will become a habit that brings in openness, appreciation, and acceptance.

There is hope in creating a new Groundhog’s Day – one that serves us and puts into motion a way of living that does not have us waiting around for things to snap back, but allows us to nurture our passion for living and discover a fresh sense of connectedness. 

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