Mindfulness Courses

Rewire your brain to bring more focus, calm, compassion, and joy into your life with one of our 6-8 week classes. We offer mindfulness classes to specific populations such as those with anxiety or depression, mental health professionals, parents, and girls ages 9-15 with a parent.

Group Therapy

Gain support, connection, and accountability in one of our therapy groups for teens and adults with Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) like skin picking or hair pulling.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

We help restore the peace in your family by helping you and your child gain the skills you need to cope with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, trauma, BFRBs, or whatever difficulties you are facing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our therapists are trained in this evidence-based approach to treat anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, eating disorders, trauma, BFRBs and more.


Due to the pandemic all of our services are currently being held online via a HIPAA-compliant web platform so that you can start or continue your treatment from the comfort and safety of your home.

Medication Management

Our psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners work with our therapists to conduct psychiatric evaluations and medication management so that you or your child can return to optimal functioning ASAP.

Psychological Evaluation & Testing

We conduct forensic evaluations to assist attorneys in better understanding the psychological factors that impact their clients.We also provide psychological evaluations for patients undergoing pain management procedures.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is exercise for the brain. When practiced regularly, by meditating or simply redirecting your attention back to the present moment using one of your five senses, your brain chemistry will actually change causing you to feel more calm, focused, happy, and able to manage any difficult thoughts and emotions that you experience.

Join a

Therapy Group

woman living with a chronic illness

Chronic Health Conditions Group

Living with a chronic health condition can make you feel frightened and isolated. Meeting others who share your experience can help. Join our ongoing group for those living with chronic health conditions. The group will be divided into age-similar sections. Each session is $40 and is led by two licensed therapists who, themselves, live with chronic health conditions.

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child playing with Legos

LEGO® Club

Does your child struggle to attend birthday parties or have friends over? Does she ask inappropriate questions or freeze up in social situations? Does he love to play with LEGO®s?

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Take a

Mindfulness Course

Introduction to Mindfulness

A 6-Week Online Course for Adults and Mature Teens
Starts 5/19

Cultivating a Mindful Life with Your Daughter

For girls (or anyone who identifies as female) ages 9-15 and a trusted adult
starts 6/10

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

An 8-Week Online Course For Adults & Mature Teens

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Mental Health Professionals

Learn this evidence-based approach for yourself and your clients, even if you have tried using mindfulness without much success in the past.

Meet our

Featured Provider

Kelley Johnson, CPNP, PMHS

Kelley Johnson


Kelley Johnson is a board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Mental Health Specialist. Kelley practices a holistic approach with patients ages 5-18, working with a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, mood disorders and ADHD with a special interest in the LGBTQ+ mental health disparities.
"My child is having suicidal thoughts."
"My child is having trouble focusing in school."
"I’m struggling with anxiety, inattentiveness, and loss of motivation at work."
"My child is always nervous and worried."
I can’t deal with my anxiety and depression on my own."
"I want to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into my life."
"I’m having panic attacks."
"I think I might have OCD."
"I compulsively pick my skin."
"My child is struggling with self-esteem and issues with peers."
"I’m stressed about COVID and the lack of human interaction."
"My doctor told me to get CBT but I don’t know what this is. "
"My teen doesn’t seem like herself lately."
"My child is angry and depressed."
"My child is feeling lonely and isn’t interested in school."
"I’ve experienced trauma in my past and it’s now affecting my life."
"I’ve been feeling anxious and depressed and don’t know where to start."

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Latest News

people holding hands
Body Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB)

A BFR What?

A BFRB is an often-overlooked diagnosis and one that so many people hide from the rest of the world. Those individuals suffering from compulsive hair-pulling (trichotillomania), skin-picking (excoriation), nail-biting, and other repetitive behaviors may feel a loss of control, isolated, embarrassed, guilty, shameful, depressed, anxious, and misunderstood.

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