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A BFR What?

A BFRB is an often-overlooked diagnosis and one that so many people hide from the rest of the world. Those individuals suffering from compulsive hair-pulling (trichotillomania), skin-picking (excoriation), nail-biting, and other repetitive behaviors may feel a loss of control, isolated, embarrassed, guilty, shameful, depressed, anxious, and misunderstood.

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3 Ways to Help your Pre-Teen or Teen Manage Strong Emotions

Parenting teens isn’t for the weak. Many times you will feel anything but strong as you navigate wave after wave of incidents, emotions, challenges. Some of these will rock your world and your teens; but helping them understand how to know what they’re feeling and then tolerate whatever emotions are present will lead to the ability to regulate the emotions without acting out.

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Savoring Joy

Practicing mindfulness teaches us to be aware of our attention – whether we focus on the positive or the negative – and to note – without judgment – our thoughts and feelings. When our minds are drawn to the negative, the teaching is to note the feeling, accept it and then let it go. This can be frustrating because the negativity bias keeps drawing our minds back to the difficult emotions and events.

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Accepting the “Unacceptable”

Accepting the seemingly unacceptable can sound terrifying or even impossible. Most will experience trying moments related to the loss of a job or a loved one. Others may experience a loss that can feel even more personal, like the loss of their body as they once knew it.

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How to Overcome Needle Phobia

With 16% of the population avoiding flu shots due to a fear of needles, many are likely not getting a COVID-19 vaccine for this same reason. Luckily, there are very effective methods of overcoming this phobia.

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