Groups and Other Courses

We offer several therapy groups and courses that are open and ongoing.

woman living with a chronic illness
Chronic Illness

Chronic Health Conditions Group

Living with a chronic health condition can make you feel frightened and isolated. Meeting others who share your experience can help. Join our ongoing group for those living with chronic health conditions. The group will be divided into age-similar sections. Each session is $40 and is led by two licensed therapists who, themselves, live with chronic health conditions.

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child playing with Legos

LEGO® Club

Does your child struggle to attend birthday parties or have friends over? Does she ask inappropriate questions or freeze up in social situations? Does he love to play with LEGO®s?

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now offering video therapy sessions

It's more important than ever to take care of your mental health, so all of our therapists are doing Telehealth and many have immediate openings for new clients.