Psychological Evaluations and Testing

Psychoeducational and ADHD evaluations

Struggling with attention, focus, or impulsivity? Struggling in school or work, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, or academically? Hoping to learn more and gain resources to improve your life? You may benefit from a comprehensive psychological evaluation assessing ADHD or other social-emotional, behavioral, and academic concerns in the school setting. 

Who do we serve? 

Currently, we provide ADHD evaluations to individuals between the ages of 6-75 and psychoeducational assessments for individuals between the ages of 6-25. At this time, we are unable to provide autism evaluations.

What’s the difference? 

Both ADHD and Psychoeducational evaluation reports can be used to support families and individuals in seeking school-based services/accommodations as well as work-place accommodations. For families seeking additional information in the hopes of securing school-based supports, it should be noted that while your school district is required to consider the information included within an independent evaluation, they may choose to disregard the conclusion or results based on their own review and discussion. If your school has already completed an evaluation with which you disagree, you may be able to request an independent evaluation at the expense of the school. Learn more here:

Who is completing the evaluation?

Our ADHD and Psychoeducational Evaluations are completed by Dr. Georgia Bomgardner, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Bomgardner has extensive experience as a school psychologist and is well-versed in both ADHD evaluations and psychoeducational evaluations, as well as providing evidence-based treatment and intervention recommendations for ADHD and a wide array of school-based needs.  Dr. Bomgardner is experienced in working with children and young adults with ADHD as well as providing parent training for parents of children with or at-risk for ADHD.  She has worked closely with top researchers in the field of ADHD to develop assessment models and treatment modalities.   

How does it work?  

If you think this might be for you, but aren’t sure which evaluation method you’d prefer, you can schedule a free 15 minute consultation call. Dr. Bomgardner will help you understand your options and choose the best fit for you or your child. If you decide to move forward, Dr. Bomgardner will provide you with a variety of input forms so that initial information can be gathered and the evaluation process can begin.

After you’ve determined which evaluation is the best fit, you will schedule a time to meet with Dr. Bomgardner for a parent interview (or, if you are a young adult seeking this evaluation for yourself, you will be interviewed).  This interview serves to collect historical and current information about you and your concerns. After this interview, Dr. Bomgardner will provide you with a variety of standardized assessment forms for you and others to complete. 

Following the initial adult interview, Dr. Bomgardner will schedule testing and a child interview (if applicable).  This testing session will last approximately 3-4 hours. Testing for ADHD evaluations includes cognitive assessment; if you are seeking a psychoeducational assessment, academic assessments will also be included. Please note, it is recommended to include an academic assessment in your ADHD evaluation as it will provide additional helpful information, but this may not be covered by insurance. A psychoeducational evaluation can also include an observation of the student within the learning environment at an additional cost. 

After the interviews and testing have been completed and assessment forms have been returned, Dr. Bomgardner will review the provided materials and draft a comprehensive report that concludes with diagnoses and/or disability category identification as well as recommendations. 

When the report is prepared, you will schedule a feedback session with the adult and/or child.  Dr. Bomgardner will work with you to understand the results of the evaluation and how they can be used to identify supports and next steps. 

How long will this take?

Due to the extensive assessment process, the full evaluation will take at least one month and timing will vary depending on how quickly sessions can be scheduled and input and assessment forms are returned. Dr. Bomgardner will do her best to work with you to meet your needs.  

Then what? 

If requested, Dr. Bomgardner can attend school-based meetings to explain the results of the report and/or advocate for school-based services.  In addition, Dr. Bomgardner is available to provide treatment for the diagnosed individual and their parents (if applicable), helping them to learn behavioral and mindfulness strategies to make meaningful life changes. 

How much will this cost?

  • ADHD evaluation (including interview, rating scale administration, and cognitive assessment) = $2000 (with an academic assessment, $2500)
  • Psychoeducational Evaluation (including interview, rating scale administration, cognitive and academic assessment) = $2500
  • Academic Assessment (as an add on) = $500
  • Consultation with school-based team or observation in the learning environment = $175/hour including travel
  • Follow up treatment sessions = please request Dr. Bomgardner’s fee schedule (these sessions may be covered by insurance)

Do you offer a screening option?

We offer a comprehensive evaluation because it provides you with the most useful information and helps to rule out other concerns that could be impacting your quality of life. Often, symptoms and impairment can overlap, and so having a full picture of your history, current concerns, and the impact on your life is critical for identifying ways in which to make effective change.  Although we do not offer a brief screener for these reasons, when you schedule your consultation with Dr. Bomgardner, she will be able to help you with understanding if a comprehensive evaluation is the best option for you! 

Is the evaluation covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies will cover evaluations, but often will not cover academic assessments. You may need a referral from your primary care physician and authorization before testing begins.  We can help you in understanding what your insurance plan may cover. 

To schedule a free consultation call, email Dr. Bomgardner at

To schedule an evaluation directly, please fill in the form by clicking this link.

Forensic Evaluations for Attorneys

We offer a wide range of services to assist attorneys in better understanding the psychological factors that impact their clients.  From brief consultations to full psychological evaluations and expert witness testimony, our services can strengthen your case by diagnosing mental illness and explaining to the court how it is relevant to your case. For personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, we determine if any psychological damages are present, and if so whether they were a result of the injury or trauma.  For criminal cases, we evaluate competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, diminished capacity, mental state at the time of offense, capacity to waive Miranda, false confession, and mitigating factors at the time of sentencing.

For personal injury or worker’s compensation cases, or any cases where there is a question as to whether your client has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression, contact Dr. Laura Chackes at 314-561-9757 ext. 701.  For criminal cases, contact Dr. Brooke Kraushaar at (314) 210-2001.