Andy Conrad

(He, Him)



Areas of Expertise

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Anxiety and acceptance of uncertainty
  • Narrative therapy and re-storying
  • Exposure and response prevention for OCD
  • Creative writing and imagery processing
  • Body-focused repetitive behaviors
  • Existential issues
  • Depression and emotions
  • Dialectic philosophy
  • Logotherapy and finding meaning

“There will be an answer, let it be.”
–The Beatles

Andy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He welcomes you to not only focus on change, but to also form an alliance to accept our true nature, together. This includes accepting our burdensome, humorous, flawed, compassionate, creative, and passionate nature.

Andy specializes in serving individuals suffering from obsessions and compulsions, anxiety-related issues, body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB), depression, emotional dysregulation, and existential dilemmas.

Practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques has become the framework for Andy’s clinical work. He believes presence and awareness enrich a
person’s sense of values, intentions, and passions. It allows each person to expand self-compassion and gratitude. And, the openness and acceptance that
are created from a commitment to mindfulness allow for more space and choice in the face of difficult thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.

Through the mindful lens, his clients and he collaborate through existential issues and fears, and develop a narrative that leads to healthier personal stories and a
future that breaks through destructive language and thought patterns.

Andy has served as a professional writer, musician, and artist and hopes to pull from these creative forces to incorporate humor, irony, imagination, and metaphors to allow each person to step back and envision life with a greater sense of choice.

Andy welcomes individuals ages 12 and up, and those from diverse backgrounds with diverse needs in life. He is currently in-network with Anthem BCBS, Aetna, UMR and United Healthcare, and will soon be in-network with Cigna.

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