16 Ideas for Self-Care

By Liz Catarinicchia, BA, MA (in progress)

What is Self-Care? 

Self-Care is a buzz word that you’ve likely head about recently. But what exactly is it? Self-care is the act of maintaining your well-being. Self-care has 7 pillars: mental, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution; self-care looks differently for everyone. For some, self-care may look like yoga while for others, it may look like reading a book or going to the gym.

What are the Benefits of Self-Care?

Practicing good self-care can lower your risk of illness, help manage stress, and increase energy. Self-care helps to increase overall quality of life which can help to reduce anxiety or depression. When you take the time to practice self-care, you are telling your brain and body that you deserve love and care. You are taking the time to listen to what you need mentally and physically and fulfilling these needs. 

What can Happen without Self-Care?

If we do not practice self-care, then we are not taking care of ourselves mentally and physically. Don’t get me wrong, some of us have jobs, families, school, etc., so practicing self-care can be a struggle sometimes. However, it is so important to make sure we set some time aside for ourselves. Without self-care, our already stressful lives can become even more stressful. We may experience increased anxiety or a decreased quality of life. 

Examples of Self-Care

Start asking yourself “how am I today?”, “how am I feeling mentally and physically?”. Taking time to ask yourself these questions may bring you to a realization that self-care is important. 

If you are not sure what do to practice self-care, refer to this list of ideas:

  • Practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Read a book
  • Take a walk/exercise
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Listen to music
  • Skincare
  • Journal
  • Yoga
  • Watch your favorite show
  • Prioritize your sleep
  • Be present in the sun/nature
  • Gather with your community (friends, family, peers
  • Clean your space
  • Set goals
  • Practice gratitude
  • Focus on looking at things from a positive perspective

You deserve to take time for yourself. Whether it’s simply checking in to ask “how am I doing?” or choosing one of the activities above, building in time each week for self-care will help you feel less stressed, more productive, and help you build a vital sense of self.

Liz is a counseling intern at The Center for Mindfulness & CBT. Liz uses a humanistic and solution-focused approach through a strength-based perspective, person-centered, and cognitive behavioral therapy to promote self-discovery and encourage her clients to achieve their full potential. She also believes in promoting a meaningful lifestyle through mindfulness and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Liz specializes in treating adolescents, teenagers, and adults with anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).If you’d like to learn more about Liz or inquire about working with her, please click here.