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woman practicing yoga

Why Mindfulness has Not “Worked” for You

When you hear the word “mindfulness,” you probably think of relaxation and clearing your mind. You give it a try, but nothing happens, or you feel even worse than before you started. So, you assume that mindfulness doesn’t work. While that sounds like a logical conclusion, there are some key pieces of information that are missing.

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Father and Teen

The Importance of Transgender-Affirmative Parenting

Trans folks who perceive their parents as supportive and affirming report better positive mental, physical, and emotional health outcomes. So, what does it actually mean to be affirming and supportive of your transgender child, and how does that responsibility and privilege shift as your child moves through teenagehood and young adulthood?

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How Mindfully Sitting with Discomfort is the Ultimate Act of Self-Care

Truly caring for yourself involves both doing things that you enjoy AND taking time to sit with those things that are not very enjoyable. This does not mean that you need to push yourself to do things that you don’t like to do or that are unhealthy for you. But rather that you allow yourself to have and experience all of your emotions. When we reduce our resistance to the unpleasant emotions by allowing them to be as they are, we actually reduce the amount of suffering that they cause.

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