Helping Hurts

by Andy Conrad, MA, PLPC, NCC Empathy Those serving in helping professions share a common feeling– that soul-deep responsibility for those under their care. Then, that empathic nature leaves many wondering if more could have been done, imagining alternate scenarios in the vacuum of hindsight, and questioning professional self-worth. These burdensome cycles of thought are […]

How to Make the Most of Telehealth

woman participating in remote telehealth therapy session.

Remote therapy sessions are an effective and convenient way to continue progress with your therapist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how.

What Are Your Favorite Apps for Mental Health and Wellness?

woman selecting apps on her mobile device

By Laura Chackes, Psy.D. I posed this question to our team of 16 therapists, and I will be sharing our responses over the next few weeks. In this age when no one carries pen and paper but almost everyone can connect to the internet within seconds, apps have become necessary therapeutic tools. I have many […]

What To Expect In Your First Therapy Appointment: Part 2 of 2

Therapist meeting patient for the first time

By Lauri Shedd, MSW, LMSW My previous post covered finding and selecting a therapist through making the first appointment. You’ve scheduled your first appointment — now what? Chances are you have mixed emotions. Maybe you’re nervous? Anxious? Exited? Scared? All of these and more? This post should help demystify that first appointment. You’ll want to […]

How To Make Your First Therapy Appointment: Part 1 of 2

Patient completing intake forms

By Lauri Shedd, MSW, LMSW Is this your first time considering therapy? First time you’ve started looking at therapists’ websites? I bet you’re wondering if you really need help or if there is anything or anyone who can help you. I bet you’re also wondering how to decide on a therapist… and what that first […]