Write A Thank You Letter This Thanksgiving (Here’s How)

By Maria Miller, MA, PLPC

Did you know that, according to research studies, focusing on gratitude increases physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, and increases empathy? Practicing gratitude is a simple & powerful way to shift your life into a more connective gear, but a lot of people don’t know exactly how to do this. Take a page from your grandmother’s playbook, and try this: Write a good, old fashioned thank you letter this Thanksgiving.

Sharing a thank you letter benefits more than just your wellbeing. In one research study, receivers of gratitude letters described their mood as ‘ecstatic,’ and the average ranking of happiness upon receiving the letter was a 4 or 5. WOW! Can you imagine giving that gift to someone you love? Here’s how:

1. Think of someone you are grateful for — a coworker, a mentor, a friend, a family member– whoever you feel inspired to shed some light on this Thanksgiving.

2. Write the letter. Ask yourself: Why are you grateful to this person? Take a moment to put it down on paper. You can write, draw, doodle, or paint. The beauty is in the fact that you took the time to share your heart & your gratitude.

3. Deliver your gratitude letter. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, gift your letter to your loved one around this special holiday. When you deliver your message, don’t be surprised if you make their day. I wouldn’t be surprised if this practice of gratitude makes your own day, too.

If you’re wanting to make your life, and someone else’s, a little better this Thanksgiving, practicing gratitude is a great place to start. While you’re filling yourself with mashed potatoes and turkey, try adding a little gratitude to your plate, too. Your heart & mind will thank you.

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