Why You Can’t Sleep

Anxiety is frequently the reason for troubled sleep. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting over 18 percent of adults every year. People with anxiety tend to have trouble falling and staying asleep due to worry or overthinking situations. When it’s time to fall asleep, they often are not […]

Four Proven Ways to Increase Patience in Stressful Situations

After 12 years as an anxiety therapist, as well as my personal experience being a mom to two active children, I know how hard it is to remain patient and calm in stressful situations. Most of us have had times when we have completely lost our patience. Often we can keep our cool in certain […]

Large Medical School Recognizes Mindfulness

University of Massachusetts Medical School Logo

Mindfulness is going mainstream in the medical community.  The first Division of Mindfulness has been created at The University of Massachusetts Medical School. No different than a division of dermatology or endocrinology, the new University of Massachusetts Medical School Division of Mindfulness  signifies the major role that mindfulness plays in medicine. This development not only […]