Group Play Therapy: A Summertime Solution for Parents & Kids

By Elizabeth Ernest, LMSW, PLMFT

It’s summer time, you’re not sure what to do with the kids, and you just know that this extra time could be used for something beneficial, but you’re not sure what. Maybe your teenager is an athlete who struggles with anxiety, and you wish you could use summer as a time to help them build confidence and internal motivation. Maybe you have a preschooler who is about to go to kindergarten, and there are so many big feelings for both of you! Or maybe you have two or more children who just can’t seem to communicate and play together effectively. Have you thought about introducing group play therapy this summer?

Group play therapy is a useful model to provide children with the opportunity to expand social and emotional development. The Association of Play Therapy (APT) states that play therapy can help a child learn new skills and expand self-expression of thoughts and feelings. Group therapy for kids can help them feel connected to others struggling with similar things. 

Child and family therapist, Elizabeth Ernest, will be offering four new group therapy options this summer at The Center for Mindfulness and CBT! The groups are (click the links to learn more):

Sibling play groups: 

Do your children struggle with sharing, showing kindness to one another, or work together. Sibling play therapy sessions can help children learn how to interact in appropriate ways. If you are interested in sibling play therapy sessions contact Elizabeth Ernest at Sessions are $100 per 45 minute session or $450 for five 45 minute sessions. These sessions will be during summer break only. 

We wish you a peaceful & fun summer that is full of growth for both you and your child!